Training Smarter

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Anyone can workout, build lean muscle tissue, or shed body fat. However, without “training smart” it can be incredibly difficult to accomplish any of these things successfully.

What is Training Smart? Training Smart can mean a variety of things, it can mean supplementing your body with the proper nutrients it needs to stay healthy and become stronger. It can mean not overtraining and straining muscle groups so that they do not receive enough recovery time. Without getting too complicated or going into too much detail, there are a few things everyone should keep in mind for training smarter.

iStock_000011113997XSmallFirst, you have to feed your body properly for your goals. If you wish to build more muscle you have to make sure you are getting enough protein in your daily diet. Without protein, your muscles cannot grow properly. And if you are doing activities that involve a heavy amount of cardio you have to make sure you’re not sabotaging your efforts by consuming foods such as simple sugars, processed foods, or refined carbohydrates. When it comes to weight-training, cardio, sports, or any activities that cause your body to expel energy and workload, it’s very important you feed it what it needs to recover, build muscle, grow, and overall, stay healthy. When building muscle, you go through “protein synthesis”. Your body uses a wide variety of amino-acids to help your muscles grow, which is what protein consists of (amino acids). BCAAs or EAAs contain such amino acids that are necessary for muscle growth, recovery of not just muscles but different organs in the body, as well as a variety of other functions. Supplementing with amino acids, can therefore be beneficial to somebody who’s in pursuit of the so-called #gains!

Training smarter is all about providing your body with the necessary tools and components it needs to recover and grow, allowing you to become stronger and healthier.

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