The Cheat Meal

by BodyWar on August 6, 2020 , no comment.

I need your guys help. I want you to give me some ideas for a cheat meal!

Tonight is cheat meal night. Now for a lot of people, this is a night which is exciting. However, 5 weeks out from the British Finals, I’m feeling that focused that a cheat meal isn’t even on my mind. Despite me not fancying a cheat meal, it is still an important aspect of my Nutriton prep. Cheat meals are necessary during a fat loss Nutrition plan for more than the reason of it rewarding you for eating well and training hard all week.

Meals high calories, carbohydrate and fats when one has been on a calorie restricted diet actually help raise leptin levels and decrease gherlin levels. Why is this important for fat loss? Leptin is a protein which is produced by fatty tissues and is believed to fat storage. Gherlin is produced by gherkin cells a neuropeptide. These cells work as neurotransmitters known as neuropeptide within the central nervous system. By increasing leptin levels and decreasing gherlin, one can expect lower hunger levels, increased thyroid function and a greater energy expenditure which will further boost the metabolism which can last for days, thus maintaining the leptin and gherlin levels.


So if you’ve hit a plateau in your fat loss plan and you’re not incorporating a weekly cheat meal, Start to schedule it into you regime and see the benefits.


PNI Athlete – Richard Bath

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