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by BodyWar on September 27, 2020 , no comment.

Are you motivated? Do you have something or someone that motivates you? Do you ever wonder what motivates that person you follow on social media? All valid questions when you begin your fitness journey and probably one of the factors that work towards becoming healthier. However, how can it be this is the exact reason why we STOP going all together? Well, I’m here to tell you that you are not alone. Yes, even as a fitness competitor and model


The Cheat Meal

by BodyWar on September 27, 2020 , no comment.

I need your guys help. I want you to give me some ideas for a cheat meal! Tonight is cheat meal night. Now for a lot of people, this is a night which is exciting. However, 5 weeks out from the British Finals, I’m feeling that focused that a cheat meal isn’t even on my mind. Despite me not fancying a cheat meal, it is still an important aspect of my Nutriton prep. Cheat meals are necessary during a fat


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