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Holiday Survival Guide

by BodyWar on August 6, 2020 , no comment.

The Holidays are almost everyone’s favorite time of the year, it is definitely mine! It’s a time of holiday cheer with family, friends and shopping. Unfortunately, our waistlines (and wallets haha) may not feel the same. With all this partying and quality time with loved ones there also comes anxiety, stress and fear of excessive weight gain. We all want to be able to enjoy our Holiday’s without having to worry about meal prepping, counting calories missing a workout, and


The Thermic Effect of Food

by BodyWar on August 6, 2020 , no comment.

No, this isn’t some sort of pseudoscience, but rather a real effect from consuming food. Literally, your body burns energy (ie, calories) in order to process food/calories. The “thermic effect of food” describes the energy expended by our bodies when we consume and process food. Imagine that! You can actually burn calories by eating. Now wait(!)… Hold on(!)… Before you try replacing the treadmill with ice-cream, you must understand that eating cannot or should not replace exercise, and also that


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