Holiday Survival Guide

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The Holidays are almost everyone’s favorite time of the year, it is definitely mine! It’s a time of holiday cheer with family, friends and shopping. Unfortunately, our waistlines (and wallets haha) may not feel the same. With all this partying and quality time with loved ones there also comes anxiety, stress and fear of excessive weight gain.

We all want to be able to enjoy our Holiday’s without having to worry about meal prepping, counting calories missing a workout, and gaining weight. But “you CAN have your cake and eat it too.” Here are some Tips and Guidelines to keep your Holidays Stress Free:

  • Plan Ahead: If you’re going to be at a social gathering where you know you’ll be surrounded by tempting food and drinks, don’t show up starving! Have a quick bite to eat before leaving the house. Make it a more “protein based” snack so you can be full longer. You’ll be able to still enjoy some treats without overdoing it. Moderation is KEY!


  • Be the Picky Person at the restaurant: When we go out to eat we may think we are eating healthy and making good choices. Keep in mind there are added butters, oils and sugar that we may not use at home. Just ask for the chicken to be cooked without oil or butter. If you’re eating a salad ask for the dressing on the side and bring your own or use mustard.
  • Always have food with you: During the holidays we always seem to have something unexpectedly pop up. Perhaps last minute gift, or work event. The important thing is to have items with you that you know are healthy and you won’t be tempted to grab that 800 calorie dessert calling your name. I always like to have a protein bar, apples and almonds with me.


  • Drink Up: It’s important to make sure you stay hydrated throughout the day. You’ll be eating foods with loads of salt that you may not be used to and can cause bloating. Some may mistake this for “gaining weight” and begin to stress. If you don’t really enjoy having plain water. Stir in some Myoactive EAA’S into your water.


  • Get Active: Since the holidays are a time to spend with family, let’s not forget our little furry friends. Take them out for a walk or play fetch at the park. You will make there day by just giving them 15-20 minutes of your day. After all they would give up their life for you.
  • Lift Weights: If you only have time for a quick workout, make it a weightlifting one. Use the extra calories to fuel your workout and help you make those gains. Lifting allows you to burn calories longer throughout the day as opposed to cardio. Added bonus: studies show the key to a longer life is muscle mass.


  • Moderation is Key: Make a goal to eat on plan during the week. Usually there are no parties or events scheduled for then, that way on the weekend you can splurge a bit. Eating well 90% of the time, allows for that 10% freedom without the guilt.
  • Get To the Kitchen: Opt for cooking a healthier version of your favorite Holiday treat! You can spend an afternoon cooking with your friends, significant other and/or kids. You can turn it into a fun event. Oh and your dog will probably get in on the action too eating the crumbs.
  • Veggies first: Trick to not over eating is filling up on veggies. Order a house salad and then dive into your protein and save carbs for last.Veggies
  • Wear Tight Clothes: You will feel the tightness of the clothes and won’t want to eat more
  • Be the last one: If the party is buffet style be the last one, that way by the time it gets to you the food is all mangles and you won’t want to eat more.Veggies
  • Have Fun! If all else fails….just have fun!!! The holidays are only once a year. We already have such busy schedules and most don’t get to see their families until now. Oh and don’t forget to leave some cookies for Santa.


-Sincerely Monika Paez – Team PNI Athlete

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