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Consistency, the word most people forget when they are on their way of achieving something they desire. Throughout my life working out and working at my goals the only thing that has set me apart from people that don’t achieve what they want is my consistent action. For example, people always ask me, “How do you stay so fit? How long did it take you? What do you do? Can you help me?” and my first response is “How are consistent are you?” because without consistency you will fail.

This goes for everything in life, not just working out. Consistency is the only thing that makes something continue to work. If you want to be a good husband or wife and have a good marriage, consistent work will make a marriage last. You don’t just show up to a marriage 100% one day and 20% another. Same thing with work; consistently showing up on time and working hard will help you excel in whatever career you choose. Problem is most people lose sight of their goals. They get an idea, create a desire and start but when they go through the process of slow results most people quit and say its too hard or they stop because they are around a bad environment that doesn’t keep them motivated.

PNI_Alex 2Referring back to working out, constantly trying to improve your body and health is something you should strive to do for a lifetime, not a short period of time. Your health is the most important thing. You cant compare guys like me that change their body all the time for a sport to the average person trying to just be healthy. There’s a big difference. Honestly most people that step on stage only look like that for a short period of time. My competition body and regular “all around the year” type body is different. Only thing that isn’t different is my continuous action to become better, to improve my health and fitness. I honestly don’t remember the last time I took more than 3 days off in the last 9 years. In the last 9 years I’ve gone through trial and error and I loved every bit of it because now I can help people do what I’ve achieved in less time but what most people don’t have is patience with time to do the “consistent work”.

So what can we do to get through this? Well first off one thing I recommend if you feel like you will forget your goal is to write it down and put it somewhere you can see everyday. Once you find out what you want, find someone that can help you, coach you, mentor you or a friend with the same goal. Now usually I don’t recommend the buddy buddy help only because we tend to forget this is an individual effort and having a buddy is there for accountability purposes only, not to lean on each other. Next thing, be honest with yourself and know results will come but its going to take time so be OK with that. Now remember starting is a lot easier than continuing to move forward, so now that you start, constantly remind yourself of how you want to look, your goal, how you want to feel about yourself, etc because human nature will always want to take the path of least resistance. That’s when you have to motivate yourself until you create a “habit.” Once you create a habit you create momentum and its easier from here. Usually takes a good 2-3 weeks to build a habit. Another good tip is to change your environment. If your around people that eat bad all the time, you might want to stay away from them and hang around people with the same goals. If you house is full of junk, we need to reorganize the fridge with healthier choices. Like I said this is everything in life; if your married, you may want to stay away from single bachelors to hold a successful marriage together. Life’s all about choices. Its not easy but it is worth it. Doing anything that is worth it is always tough and requires work; its a constant reminder of what you want most. I have to constantly remind myself what I want more when I have to choose whether to eat healthy or bad especially during prep time for a show.

The name of the game is called “Lets keep what we worked for” and the glue is “consistency.” So, now that we got that clear, what kind of life do you want to lead?

PNI Athlete – Alex Aponte

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