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Though not popular with all: like many people, I enjoy cardio. I like what cardio does for me both physically and mentally. Notwithstanding its many positive health benefits, I simply feel more energetic and alert on days I do cardio. So for the longest time my workouts have consisted of both weight training and cardio…

But here’s the thing: I do my cardio first. I know… I know… I hear it all the time from guys in the gym: “Why do you do cardio first? You know you’ll lose strength…” Yeah, yeah, yeah… But there are many (good) reasons for doing cardio first, and for me those reasons are super effective and helpful.
Way back in the day I used to only hit weights. Ahhhh, to be young again, but I digress… Back on point: even at a young (teen) age it would usually take me several warm-up sets to get going. I had to warm-up muscles that were sore and tight from the previous day’s workouts. Even then I didn’t feel fully warm till I got about a third or more of the way into my workout.

shutterstock_59332777Then one workout I decided to warm-up with cardio. I believe I did around 10 – 15 minutes on the Stair Master. After that I felt nicely warmed-up; I had a good sweat started; I felt super alert and energized, and I was able to get into my weight training with virtually no stiffness, tightness and soreness. I was also able to move more quickly into my heavy working sets with fewer warm-ups.

On my next workout I decided to complete a full cardio workout ahead of my weight training… And guess what? I had a great workout. Yep! Wouldn’t lie. I completed thirty minutes of cardio; had a massive sweat going, and found that I didn’t lose any significant strength on any of my lifts. “Winning!”

In my humble opinion there are so many good reasons for doing cardio before weight training. However, most significantly for me is that it provides a great warm-up, which – among many other things – lessons risk of injury. Also – personally, I really don’t care about how much weight I’m pushing (in terms of actual poundage), so a little loss in strength is no biggie for me. However, if you’re “that person” who’s profoundly concerned each workout with how much you lift, then by all means don’t follow my suggestions here. But if you’re like me – someone who’s working to make improvements in both physical appearance and health, then (if you’re not already doing so) consider Cardio First. If you do, you can ‘Thank Me’ later.


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